Chester the Cow


Meet Chester the Cow: Our BRAND NEW Robo Rascal! This Lovable Cover will transform any circular iRobot Roomba®, Shark Brand Robotic Vacuum, and Select RoboRock Models into an Adorable and Mooo-tastic Family Pall! Not only is Chester sure to sweep up smiles around your home, his soft, 100% polyester fur will also protect your walls and baseboards from all scrapes or scuffs typically associated with using your Robotic Vacuum. Bring giggles to the whole family as he glides around your home in style, scavenging every speck of dirt and sweeping away every pesky dusty bunny! He also loves to take nice warm baths in your washing machine, just be sure to hang dry him to prevent any shrinkage.

This Cover features our BRAND NEW design with larger opening, helping newer robotic vacuum models (Such as the iRobot Roomba 900 Series and i7, i7+, and i8 series and some Shark IQ models) function at full capacity! This large opening also allows for your device to find its home for nap time more quickly and efficiently and does not interfere with mapping technology.

iRobot 600, 800, 900, i and E Series (including all models with cameras)
SHARK ION and some IQ Models
Select Deebot Models including the N79
Select Eufy Models
Select RoboRock Models

Please reach out if you are curious about the compatibility with other devices! Just because they havenÔÇÖt been placed on the list, doesnÔÇÖt mean they wonÔÇÖt work! If your model is not on this list and you would like to test it out, please reach out via messages for a special opportunity!

We know that the home is meant to be an oasis, a safe space where we begin and end our day, free of the worries of the outside world. And that is why it is so important to have a clean and positive space. The Robo Rascals were invented to combine these words, clean and positive, and turn cleaning into something fun and engaging. The Robo Rascals enhance the aesthetic of your home, transforming a bulky black eyesore into a cute and cuddly accessory that brings joy to all who see it. They are family friendly and guaranteed to make using your robotic vacuum a little more fun.

Add Adoption Certificate (+$2.99)

Make it official with your new Rascal by purchasing your own adoption certificate! Please tell us the name you would like printed on the certificate.

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